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>Still cheaper than Propane, Kerosene or Electricity<

(I am sorry gas has skyrocketed even more)

At least I'm being HONEST

They say oil is high because of demand. Get real if you have double or triple the order for anything you don't have to raise prices you are already making MORE by selling more.


OKAY Once again I'm having to change (not the price) but the quantity of wood you have to buy because of gas. Anyway I now charge $240 for 2/5 of a cord which is the same as two 6 feet wide x 3 feet high stacks and is cut on average of 15 inches long. Each stack or fifth was $135 each. Any stack or 1/5 of a cord after the purchase of the first 2/5 of a cord or 2 stacks will only cost $100 each. So the more you buy the better deal for you. ALL prices include delivery and (stacking within reason)

Why does my wood cost more than most?

1) I refuse to sell junk wood! Wood is cut and split into manageable pieces.  Whereas many people sell you big chunks, pieces 4 inches to 2 feet in length, I prefer quality over quantity.

2) Wood is seasoned and ready to burn.

3) I deliver and stack the wood for you.


I'm still giving you the same amount of wood that is in a 6'x3'x15" measurement, but it won't be a bunch of junk pieces of wood. I can't keep it all the same length and sizes, but it will be good wood.

The choice is yours. You can buy a lot more junk wood for less and then have to stack it yourself and clean up a mess afterwards or you can contact me.

Honestly, you can save money with buying a full cord from someone else, but I wouldn't want a pile of wood dumped just anywhere they can get it because the truck won't get close to where you want it.

Just one more thing: Are they giving you all the wood they are supposed to? Honestly  how do you know if the wood is just thrown on a truck in a pile? THEN DUMPED IN A PILE.

For more information, Just call. Tell us where you live, and we will get back to you to make arrangements.

No payment is necessary until the wood is delivered.